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Block Clamps

  • Item Num :CKS30D-001A~007A
  • Shipping Port :Xiamen
  • MOQ :1
  • product orgin :Xiamen,China
  • Delivery Time :20

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Product Details

CNB Forklift Block Clamps


    CNB forklift block clamps can efficiently and safely handle various types of solid, regular cubic goods under normal temperature. Forklift block clamps widely used in construction material, metallurgy industries for handling concrete blocks,cement bricks, carbon cubes, etc. The high structural strength and durability ensure the safe, productive application and long service life. 


*Proven durable T-beam arm aluminum frame construction.

*Superior arm-side bearing for extended service life.

*Regenerative hydraulic valuing for optimal arm speed.

*Durable contact pads, reliable clamping.

*Excellent driver visibility.


  *Custom opening ranges   

  *Custom pad sizes       

  *Load backrests




Load Center
Mounting Class
Opening Range   

Arm Height


Arm Length
Frame Width     

Overall Height




Effective Thickness
Center of Gravity
2700/500 CKS30D-001A II 290-1610 128 1100 1016 710 500 145 220
2700/500 CKS30D-002A II 290-1610 242 1100 1016 710 550 145 220
2700/500 CKS30D-003A II 290-1610 128 1000 1016 710 490 145 211
2700/500 CKS30D-004A III 290-1610 128 1100 1016 710 500 152 220
2700/500 CKS30D-005A III 290-1610 242 1100 1016 710 550 152 220
2700/500 CKS30D-006A III 290-1610 128 1000 1016 710 490 152 220
2700/500 CKS30D-007A III 290-1610 242 1400 1016 710 650 152



[Why choose us]


CNB is your best choice by the following reasons:     

Professional & Experienced: We have more than 10 years experience in this field. Our professional technical team who come from world leading companies have been concentrating on provide the high quality products for you. 

Heavy duty attachments: CNB can provide a series of heavy duty attachments which the capacity load are more than 6 tons, while other factories can not reached.

Competitive price: After years of development, we are able to provide the excellent quality products with a competitive price based on a large number of outstanding suppliers that we have accumulated.

Total solution: Our sales are willing to visit your company and help you increase efficiency and create value by provide a total solution, such as practical advices and customized products.

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